Mercy Family Room

Mercy's Family Room has welcomed back our first group of volunteers back! Currently, the Room is opened 9 a.m. - 6 p.m., Monday - Friday. We are looking forward to extending hours back to pre-Covid scheduling in the next phase! 

We're Open

SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Family Room

We have begun the plans and process for the renovation of the Cardinal Glennon Family Room! We are SO excited to renovate and make the Family Room an even more welcoming space for the families we serve, however, this does mean that we will have to hold off on volunteers returning until after the renovation.
We still do not have an exact timeline of how long we will be shut down for this project, but even without exact dates, we are having conversations with the hospital about volunteers returning after the renovation!

Closed for


Children's Family Room

In guidance of RMHC Global, the volunteer program within the RMFR's at SLCH are still on hold as we are still in the early stages of returning. With that, we are allowed to have RMHC Staff manage the 5th Floor Family Room, Monday-Friday 9am-3pm.


As for the 3rd Floor Family Room, the St. Louis Children’s Hospital Center for Families Staff is currently managing this Room and has brought back some evening and weekend volunteers to help supplement staff hours.



As we begin to look forward to opening the Family Rooms again, we are also looking to bring new volunteers on board!

If you have friends, neighbors, or family members looking to get involved with RMHC, we would love to get them on our list of new volunteers to begin the volunteering process as soon as things begin to open back up!


They can reach out to Courtney Fisher - Family Room Program, Manager at


For those of you in the Family Rooms, thank you so much for continuing to provide a safe environment for the families we serve! We appreciate you wearing your mask over both your mouth and nose. 

court f pic.jpg

Courtney Fischer

Manager, Family Room Program

Direct Line: 314.400.4359


court b.jpg

Courtney Bradshaw

Family Room Coordinator

Direct Line: 314.400.4365


Makayla Johnson

Assistant Family Room Manager

Direct Line: 314.400.4332


On-Call Number:



"Everyone of them [volunteers] genuinely enjoyed what they were doing and it showed in how they treated everyone. It was almost like they were welcoming you into their home​"

Mercy Family Room Family

"My granddaughter was in the NICU. The Family Room was just what we needed to get a break! Thank you!"

Cardinal Glennon Family Room Family

"I needed a quiet place to make some hard phone calls. The volunteers were sweet and so very compassionate. I was shaking like a leaf, and they made sure to send me with snacks for later, a much needed dose of caffeine, real soft tissues and hugs"

St. Louis Children's Family Room Family

Reading the Portal Calendar

Rachel G.


OUT/Rachel G.


Joey T./Rachel G.

This means that this is Rachel's normal shift and she will be at her shift.

This means that this shift does not have a regular volunteer and until someone offers to come in for that shift, no one will be there. This is a shift we would send out in an open shift email.

This means that Rachel will not be at her normal shift.

"OUT" means someone has that normal shift but they will not be there. The name behind the "/" is the person who normally has that shift.

This is a shift we would send out in an open shift email.

This means that Joey picked the shift up for Rachel. 

The name in front of the "/" is the person filling in for the person who has the regular shift. The name after the "/" is the name of the person with that regular shift. This is what the calendar looks like after a volunteer picks it up from an open shift email.

This means that Joey picked a shift that does not have a regular volunteer. 

The name in front of the "/" is the volunteer who picked up the shift. The "VACANT" after the "/" means that this is not someone's normal shift. 

This is what the calendar looks like after a volunteer picks it up from an open shift email.

RMHC Family Room Program Volunteer Portal
We are so excited to continue adding even more to the Volunteer Portal in an effort to keep our volunteers informed and engaged! The homepage will be updated every other month with new tips and useful information for all volunteers! Each hospital tab will continue to be updated weekly with the current schedule and specific Room updates!
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