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   RMHC Family Room Program Volunteer Portal
We are so excited to continue adding even more to the Volunteer Portal in an effort to keep our volunteers informed and engaged! The homepage will be updated every other month with new tips and useful information for all volunteers! Each hospital tab will continue to be updated weekly with the current schedule and specific Room updates!

Five Minutes with...

The Overtons

Tell me about how you first got involved with the Family Room.

It was always on our bucket list to volunteer in some capacity at St. Louis Children’s Hospital after we retired. About two years ago, we saw the opportunity to volunteer in the Family Room posted on the Next Door app and we have loved volunteering ever since.

What is your fondest memory in the Family Room?

It is so hard to choose just one. We have loved all the wonderful bonds we have made with the families. We have enjoyed helping people learn more about St. Louis and being a listening ear.


What do you wish people knew about the Family Room Program?

We wish people knew how much the amenities we offer make such a huge impact on the families at SLCH.


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

During baseball season, we love our jobs working at Busch Stadium! We love to traveling, exploring the Central West End, and spending lots of time with family.


How would you describe the family room in less than 10 words?

A place for families to enjoy the comforts of home

Wait...Is That...Hospital Staff?

Many volunteers have reached out with concern of Hospital staff entering the Family Room, whether it be while we are open or before/after hours, and taking our resources. We have gone to several meetings with hospital staff to try and get the communication started that this is NOT acceptable. 

Moving forward, we do not want to put you as volunteers in the uncomfortable spot of having to stop this from happening. However, we would like to ask that if staff or volunteers from outside areas of the hospital come into the Family Room for any reason outside of getting something/doing something(laundry) for patients/families, you try your best to look at the badge to see the name and department they are coming from. If you feel comfortable saying something like, “We were asked by the hospital to take down the departments that staff are coming to the Family Room from because the resources in this Family Room are for patients/families only.” 

If a staff person is coming in to get something or do something for a patient or family they have been asked to check in with the volunteer using the patient name. You are more than welcome to ask them for the patient name if this is the case and they are visiting for this reason! Please then forward this information on to Courtney Fischer.

Thank You!

It is hard to put into to words how grateful we are for YOU during this Holiday Season. We know how crazy this time of year can be and we so appreciate the time and energy you have given the Family Room Program. Your smile and helping hand bring joy and comfort to families who are going through some of the most difficult times of their lives. From the bottom of our hearts, we say THANK YOU for turning the Family Room into a Home Away From Home!

The Holidays are Here at RMHCSTL!

Do you know anyone looking to give back during the Holiday Season?

Here are some great ways to do so:


Holiday Card Tribute Program

Southern Living's Christmas Cookbook

Donate a Holiday Wish List Item

Shop with Amazon Smile

Sponsor a Family


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Staff Contact Information:


Courtney Fischer

Manager, Family Room Program

Direct Line: 314.400.4329



Courtney Bradshaw

Family Room Coordinator

Direct Line: 314.400.4365


Stephanie Patton

Assistant Family Room Manager 

Direct Line: 314.400.4332



On-Call Number:


Reading the Portal Calendar

We understand reading the Volunteer Portal can be confusing, thanks for bearing with us! Here are some explanations as to why it looks the way it does!

Rachel G.
This means that this is Rachel's normal shift and she will be at her shift.
This means that this shift does not have a regular volunteer and until someone offers to come in for that shift, no one will be there. This is a shift we would send out in an open shift email.
OUT / Rachel G.
This means that Rachel will not be at her normal shift.
"OUT" means someone has that normal shift but they will not be there. The name behind the "/" is the person who normally has that shift.
This would be a shift we would send out in open shift emails.
Joey T. / VACANT
This means that Joey picked a shift that does not have a regular volunteer. 
The name in front of the "/" is the volunteer who picked up the shift. The "VACANT" after the "/" means that is not someone's normal shift.
This is what the calendar looks like after a volunteer picks it up from an open shift email.
Joey T. / Rachel G.
This means that Joey picked the shift for Rachel.
The name in front of the "/" is the person filling for the person who has the regular shift. The name after the "/" is the name of the person with that regular shift.
This is what the calendar looks like after a volunteer picks it up from an open shift email.

I fell in love with the Family Room when my son was admitted there. They made my stay at Mercy Hospital feel like home. I watched TV, took showers, washed my clothes, and cooked food that they provided for me. The volunteers were phenomenal. I LOVE THE RONALD MCDONALD FAMILY ROOM!!

-Mercy Family Room Family

This was a place that felt like home for our two older kids as well as us. We went to eat meals and play games while their baby bother rested in between feedings. Thank you for giving us a place to enjoy while still being close to our baby!

-Cardinal Glennon Family Room Family

We truly appreciated having a place to rest, relax, use the oven to make and eat meals, and to visit with our extended family members who just wanted to be at the hospital with us even when they couldn’t see our son who was in isolation. We know that without the volunteers, this would not be open to families so we thank them for giving their time to be there!

-St. Louis Children's Hospital Family Room Family