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Please Welcome, Cierra West!


We are excited to introduce to you our new Assistant Family Room Manager, Cierra West!
Cierra comes to us with a wide variety of experience, working and volunteering in customer service and in the hospital setting! She is very passionate about RMHC, and we know she will be a great addition to the Family Room team!
She has already been introduced to each Family Room and some volunteers! As you see her around, please join us in giving her a warm welcome to our organization!
As the Assistant Family Room Manager, Cierra will:

  • Plan activities for the guest families of the Family Rooms

  • Fill open shifts at all three locations

  • Send out the monthly surveys to new Family Room Families

  • Be the Meal Donation Organizer, the Monday Inventory gal, and the up keeper of all appliances or maintenance calls

Once she is trained and comfortable with each location, those are all jobs apart of her role. Until then, if you have any questions or issues, please contact Courtney Fischer or Courtney Bradshaw!

Important Tasks to complete during your shift

Volunteering in the Ronald McDonald Family Room is very much an independent volunteer position! With such a large program, our Family Rooms simply can not function without you! We really do depend on your timeliness, skills, and passion. 

In order for the Family Rooms to continue to operate smoothly and functionally, we need YOUR HELP in completing the Daily Tasks necessary to run at a high function. 


These tasks are provided for you at the Volunteer Desk in the file folder, as well as in the Volunteer Manual. It is imperative for you to be aware of these tasks and to act on them, every time you're in the Room! 


I am providing a link here for you to remember what these tasks are, but please also pay attention while in the Family Room. 


If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, please do not hesitate to reach out. We appreciate every single one of you and are so thankful for you! 



Need to do's

NEW - Mercy Family Room

NEW Family Room 

We have such exciting news to share about our Ronald McDonald Family Room Program- We are adding a NEW Family Room to our Mercy Hospital location!  We currently have one Family Room at each location- Cardinal Glennon, Mercy, and St. Louis Children’s Hospital, but now we will have TWO at Mercy!

This came to fruition after we learned how valuable it was during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep the NICU population separated from other inpatient units, both for their safety and safety of the very vulnerable population of NICU patients, but also after seeing how important it was for the families to have their own space on their unit.

The current NICU Lounge (which will be the NICU Family Room) space will need to be renovated, in addition to the renovations we already had planned for the 3rd Floor Mercy Family Room this year. 

NICU Family Room Renovation

  • Projected start date: August 22

  • Projected finish date: September 23

3rd floor Family Room Renovation 

  • Projected start date: September 26

  • Projected finish date: October 28

Shift Coverage Needed in Family Rooms

All of our Ronald McDonald Family Rooms are opened:

Monday-Sunday, 9:00am - 9:00pm

Below are the shifts we currently have re-occurringly opened and are in need of some love! The availability listed below is updated at the beginning of each month but may change throughout the month without being updated on here. If you are interested in picking up a re-occurring shift or switching your current schedule, do not hesitate to reach out to Courtney Bradshaw at cbradshaw@rmhcstl.com.

E= Every week          EO= Every Other Week

Shifts in Need


Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital

9am-12pm: E/EO Tuesday, EO Thursday, E/EO Friday
12pm-3pm: EO Wednesday, EO Thursday
3pm-6pm: EO Thursday, EO Friday
6pm-9pm: E/EO Sunday 6p-9p

Mercy Children's Hospital

9am-12pm: E/EO Saturday
12pm-3pm: E/EO Saturday, E/EO Sunday
3pm-6pm: EO Wednesday, EO Thursday, E/EO Friday, EO Sunday
6pm-9pm: E/EO for all: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday; EO Thursday 


St. Louis Children's Hospital

9am-12pm: none
12pm-3pm: none
3pm-6pm: E/EO Monday, EO Friday, E/EO Saturday, E/EO Sunday
6pm-9pm: EO Saturday, E/EO Sunday 


Who does what? Within the Family Rooms!

As always, if you're unsure who to contact, reach out to one of us and we will point you in the right direction if needed!

Cierra West: Our new Assistant Family Room Manager will plan activities for the guest families, fill open shifts at all three Family Rooms, and will also send out the monthly surveys to new Family Room Families! She will also be the Meal Donation Organizer, the Monday Inventory gal, and the Up-keeper of all appliances or maintenance calls at all three Family Rooms.

When to email/call her:

  • Something with inventory is needed (snacks, towels, pens, paper)

  • An appliance is malfunctioning (washer/dryer, coffee pot, sink)

  • When she's on-call (check the on-call schedule!)

Courtney Bradshaw: Family Room Program Coordinator, fills open shifts at all three Family Rooms. Courtney recruits, onboards, trains, and does the scheduling for all volunteers at all three Hospital locations. She also communicates any hospital-specific or FR-specific information, as well as updates the Volunteer Portal. 

When to email/call her:

  • Any scheduling matter (signing up for a shift, calling out, etc.)

  • Any communication clarification 

  • When she's on-call (check the on-call schedule!)

Courtney Fischer: Manager of the Family Room Program, oversees all of the Family Rooms, Family Room Staff, and Family Room Volunteers. She spends much of her time coordinating with our hospital partners in creating a better environment for the volunteers and guest families!

When to email/call her:

  • As needed

  • When she's on-call (check the on-call schedule!)

Anna Oliver and Delra Johnson: continue to be the Family Room Associates and cover shifts for us as their schedule allows. They are becoming more and more knowledgeable at each Family Room location and are great resources to communicate with. 

The more you know!

Staff Spotlight
court f pic.jpg

Courtney Fischer

Manager, Family Room Program

Direct Line: 314.400.4359

Email: cfischer@rmhcstl.com

court b.jpg

Courtney Bradshaw

Family Room Program Coordinator

Direct Line: 314.400.4365

Email: cbradshaw@rmhcstl.com

Cierra West Headshot.jpg

Cierra West

Assistant Family Room Manager

Direct Line: 314.400.4332

Email: cwest@rmhcstl.com

September 1-8: Courtney Bradshaw
September 9-15: Courtney Fischer
September 16-22: Courtney Fischer
September 23-29: Courtney Bradshaw

Calling the on-call phone number is the easiest way for you to get ahold of us, or by email if you need anything!

On-Call Number:

Call: 314.930.5292 (do not text)

Email: familyroom@rmhcstl.com


Per each hospital, all volunteers are required to wear medical-grade masks: isolation, blue or yellow surgical masks, or KN95 masks are acceptable. 

Masks can be found at the front entrance of each hospital.

  • Cloth masks are not accepted. 

Click here for the most recent COVID Protocols.

Masks and COVID Protocol
face mask.jpg

If you've ever wondered how can a family stay at the Ronald McDonald Houses, or maybe you've had a Family Room guest family ask you, check out the FAQ's on how to stay! These Q's and A's can also be found in the volunteer desk!

Ronald McDonald House
Staying at the
Dress Code

Our hospital partners have dress codes that RMFR Volunteers must follow and abide by during our time in the hospital. These expectations are set by the hospital. Please take a look and let us know if you have any questions! 

Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital Dress Code

Mercy Children's Hospital Dress Code

St. Louis Children's Hospital Dress Code

Hear what the RMFR Families are saying! 

"During a stressful time..a washer and dryer much appreciated. And a shower to myself that I didn't feel I was taking away from someone else. Thank you so much for being there."

Cardinal Glennon Family Room, Family

“We only stayed at this hospital one night with our daughter and we’re only able to utilize the family room once, however it seemed like an awesome room with many amenities.”

Mercy Kids Family Room, Family

"I really appreciated this service while I was in the hospital with my one year old daughter. There were days I was the only one that was staying at the Hospital and couldn’t leave to get food or a snack and this service was valuable to me be able to get a snack or something to drink or even a cup of coffee that was close to our hospital room."

St. Louis Children's Family Room, Family

Ronald McDonald Events Calendar 
RMHC Family Room Program Volunteer Portal
We are so excited to continue adding even more to the Volunteer Portal in an effort to keep our volunteers informed and engaged! The homepage will be updated every month with new tips and useful information for all volunteers! Each hospital tab will continue to be updated weekly with the current schedule and specific Room updates!
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