Mercy Children's Hospital 

Mercy Children's Family Room Number: 314.251.5353


Hi Mercy Volunteers!

Snack baskets looking a little bare? Feel free to keep those bad boys stocked for our families. Take a look into the storage closet for snack refills. 

Stinky washers? My nose can empathize. There are hospital-provided bleach tablets in the slim cabinet above the washers and dryers. Inside the door is a label with directions on how to clean the washers. Simply put the tab in the washer tub and use the hottest water cycle (or the tub clean cycle on the stacked washer). Please do NOT use these tabs with clothes.

NICU SNACKS: You may begin to notice a plastic tub on the shelves labeled "NICU Snacks." This is for our friends in the Mercy NICU parent lounge. Be sure to keep those snacks inside the tub (and occasionally snack boxes labeled "NICU Snacks") so that our child life friends can pick them up!

Thank you so very much for all that you do! 

Makayla Johnson

Assistant Family Room Manager