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Mercy Children's Hospital 

Mercy's NICU Family Room: 314-251-4603

Mercy's 3rd Floor Family Room: 314.251.5353

COVID Protocol Update: Mercy's COVID Protocol for exposure and testing positive has been updated. Check out the Main Volunteer Portal Page for the update

Television Information:

  • NICU: The tv in the living space has cable! Be sure that the input is set to “5Antenna” for it to work properly. Thanks! 

  • 3rd floor: Wi-Fi is not needed to watch tv. Bypass any wi-fi information and switch the input to Cable. Click here to read instructions on "How To".

3rd floor computers: The volunteer computer is now working, which means, we will start checking families in and out effective immediately! If you need a refresher on how to use Exceed, we have several ways to accommodate for this:

  1. Utilize the desk reference stand for a quick 'how to'.

  2. Utilize the Volunteer Manual for a complete step-by-step.

  3. Email me to let me know BEFORE your shift, that you would like an in-person tutorial and we can accommodate this by one of us FR Staff to come in at the beginning of your shift, or if you come in a few minutes early to your shift, the volunteer before you can walk you through it.


Bleach tabs: Both Family Rooms have are stocked with Bleach Tabs to be used in between EVERY cycle in the washing machines.

  • To use: Wash 4 Bru-Clean 3.3g Tablets on a small load, hot water, regular cycle to disinfect the washing machine between each use. 

New Volunteers to Welcome!

  • We have had new volunteers onboarded in the RMFR over the last few weeks. Please give a warm welcome to the following volunteers if you get the chance!​​​​

    • Mary McDannold, Pat Masidonski, Carol Horn, and Sarah Kochanski

    • Kuniko Kretzmer, Lynn Lyons, and Alec Klemp

Volunteer Links:​ Exceed:

Mercy Volunteer Office:

  • The office will remain unlocked during normal office hours (M-F 6am-9pm) but it is also accessible to evening and weekend volunteers. If you are here for an evening/weekend shift and the door is locked, you can punch in 4-4-4-4 to unlock the door.



Courtney Bradshaw

Family Room Program Coordinator

Updates as of: February 7, 2023

NICU Family Room Calendar

3rd Floor Family Room Calendar

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