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Mercy Children's Hospital 

Mercy's NICU Family Room: 314-251-4603

Mercy's 3rd Floor Family Room: 314.251.5353


NICU Specific

  • There are keys we can officially begin to use for the storage closet to unlock and lock the door when needed! Keys are located in the left drawer of the volunteer desk. 


Television Information:

  • NICU Large TV: Refresher- This tv is for Mercy Staff use when they do their Tuesday and Thursday parent classes. Unfortunately it does not have capability to watch cable or streaming services.

  • NICU Living Space: The tv in the living space has cable! Be sure that the input is set to “31 Cable” for it to work properly. Thanks! 

  • 3rd floor: Wi-Fi is not needed to watch tv. Bypass any wi-fi information and switch the input to Cable. Click here to read instructions on "How To" and check out the same instructions provided for you located at the Volunteer Desk. 

  • Lamps & Lightbulbs: Most of the lamps in the FR's unfortunately are not near an outlet, although we were hoping for more outlets to be added during renovations. Therefore, the lamps do not function properly. Because of this, we made the decision to cut the cords and they will remain as décor for the room!

NEW: Laundry Lost and Found:

  • If you find clothes that belong to a Family Room Family that gets left in the laundry area, please attach a note to them of the current date and if you know the contact information of the family (last name/phone number/room #/etc.). 

    • This can help us trace the clothes back to their rightful owners! If no contact information is left to identify, then we can at least identify how long the clothes have been left behind, and find a new home for them!

Bleach tabs: NICU is currently out of bleach tabs! Go ahead and just skip this step in washing for now. 

  • Both Family Rooms have are stocked with Bleach Tabs to be used in between EVERY cycle in the washing machines.

  • To use: Wash 4 Bru-Clean 3.3g Tablets on a small load, hot water, regular cycle to disinfect the washing machine between each use. 

New Volunteers to Welcome!

  • We have many new volunteers onboarded in the RMFR over the last few weeks. Please give a warm welcome to the following volunteers if you get the chance!​​​​​

    • Diane Smith, Gayle Crancer, Barb Klein-Dressler, and Angela Kalist

    • Mary Jo Kilgore, Tracy Diekmann, Pam Bladdick, and Diane Pierce

Volunteer Links:​ Exceed:

Mercy Volunteer Office:

  • The office will remain unlocked during normal office hours (M-F 6am-9pm) but it is also accessible to evening and weekend volunteers. If you are here for an evening/weekend shift and the door is locked, you can punch in 4-4-4-4 to unlock the door.



Courtney Bradshaw

Family Room Program Coordinator

Updates as of: May 16, 2023

NICU Family Room Calendar

3rd Floor Family Room Calendar

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