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Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital

Cardinal Glennon's Family Room: 314.251.5600 Ext. 5500

Cardinal Glennon Monthly Newsletter:​ See HERE for May 2023 Newsletter from Amy, Director of Volunteer Services. ​

Inventory Donations: We had a significantly large, wonderful donation of food, snacks, and beverages earlier this week! Please utilize the items from the white bins before opening new boxed items.

  • When the white bins are running low, you may empty the items from the cardboard boxes into the appropriately labeled white bin. Then, discard the cardboard please.

Blackout patient names: If there is ever a patient family that comes to the Family Room and they mention they're on the 'blackout list' or their badge is blacked out, we do not check these families in or out when they use the room. 

  • When they are on a 'blackout list', this means that for their safety, can not give out their information to anyone. This helps keep themselves protected, usually from a violent situation. 

  • Do not ask them any additional questions. 

  • If you have any questions, please send us an email or give the on-call phone a call! thanks! 

A new way to help families feel at home!: 

  • The Family Room now has a printer for guest-use! It is located at the desk of the guest computer and guests can print directly from the computer. The printer is also connected to the volunteer computer for volunteer needs as well! 

  • Let us know if you have any questions about this and we can help out :)

Panic Button System

  • Check out the panic button instructions here to be prepared if needed. These are also located at the Family Room Volunteer desk and in the Volunteer Manual.

NEW: Laundry Lost and Found:

  • If you find clothes that belong to a Family Room Family that gets left in the laundry area, please attach a note to them of the current date and if you know the contact information of the family (last name/phone number/room #/etc.). 

    • This can help us trace the clothes back to their rightful owners! If no contact information is left to identify, then we can at least identify how long the clothes have been left behind, and find a new home for them! ​​

Volunteer Links​: Exceed and Volunteer Portal are all saved on the favorites bar on Chrome for easier access for you! Please utilize these links during your shift. 

Thanks so much, 

Courtney Bradshaw

Family Room Program Coordinator

Updates as of: May 16, 2023

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