Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital

Cardinal Glennon's Family Room: 314.251.5600 Ext. 5500

Updates as of: May 18, 2022


  • The daily health screening "sticker of the day" has come to an end at the front entrance, BUT you will be asked the same screening questions on the log in screen through Volgistics during your normal log in process. Please do not forget to log in and out of your shift every time! This is important!

Phone Charger Station:

  • We know they're one of the top items families ask for: Phone Chargers! A phone charger station has been conveniently placed in the Family Room for families to utilize as they need. ​

    • Multiple devices can be charging at once, with multiple types of device charging cords. 

    • The station and its cords are labeled for the RMFR and must be left in its designated spots. 

    • Per the Guest Guidelines and Expectations, the Ronald McDonald Family Room is not responsible for the personal belongings of the Family Room Guests. 

Restocking Snacks, Toiletries, etc.

  • During your shift, please remember to restock any or all items if you have down time! (I like to do this first thing during my shift just to make sure everything is ready to go right away!)

  • This includes: snacks, coffee, plasticware, toiletries, etc. There is typically a large back stock of items in the storage closets and labeled for easy finding.

  • Let us know if you have any questions!

Washer A Troubleshooting:


  • Although we have a stove in the kitchen, it currently isn't working! It was not properly set up, so it unfortunately doesn't turn on yet, but we hope to get this fixed ASAP!

CG Tuesday Meals:

  • For those that have asked if the weekly Tuesday night meals are returning, unfortunately this program, pre-pandemic, was not organized or done by RMHC. The Cardinal Glennon Foundation was in charge of this program and would reach out to use to utilize our space! We have not heard from them 'post-pandemic' yet, but we will let you know ASAP if we do to give you a heads up!

Volunteer Links

  • Exceed: rmhc.arreva.com

  • Exceed, Volunteer Portal, and VicTouch/Volgistics are all saved on the favorites bar on Chrome for easier access for you! Please utilize these links during your shift. 

Thanks so much, 

Courtney Bradshaw

Family Room Program Coordinator