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Happy New Year Volunteers!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season and wish you all the happiness and health in 2020! Just a few reminders to keep in mind as we look forward to the year:

- If there are any appliance issues in the Family Room please call Family Room Staff (on call phone number) first and report the issue. Staff will then designate who should be called to take care of the issue.

- Please continue to keep Family Room staff in the loop when you see or interact with a hospital staff member who is using the Room for anything outside of direct family support. If they are directly supporting a family you can ask for the patients name and check them in using that information.

- Please continue to keep us in the loop with vacations/ calls outs. These can not come in to early and the earlier we know the better chance we have of getting the shift covered.

-WE ARE STILL RECRUITING VOLUNTEERS! Do you have some friends who are looking to better themselves this year by donating their time to helping others? Share our contact information with them! We would love to help support them through the process of joining our volunteer team.

We hope you all know grateful we are for each and every one of you that made 2019 such an incredibly success year and the care you showed all of the families in the Family Room all year!

Thanks for all that you do every day!

Courtney Fischer

Manager, Family Room Program



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