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St. Louis Children's Hospital 

SLCH's Family Room: 314.454.5321

Badging Issues?

Please contact the SLCH Volunteer Office at to let them know so Sandy and her team can get it fixed for you!

SLCH Vol Office

Unlocked during normal office hours (M-F 8:30-4:30) but it will also be accessible to evening and weekend volunteers. If you are here for an evening/ weekend shift and the door is locked, you can punch in the door code to unlock the door. You will continue to have access to volunteer lockers and snacks! 

NEW- Emergency Procedures

These procedures align with the hospital's guidelines and will be posted in the Family Room soon, for quick reference. 

Lost and Found

If you find clothes that get left behind in the laundry area, or any item in the Family Room in general.

Guest Computer + Connecting to Guest WiFi

Need help turning on the Guest Computers and/or connecting to the Guest Wi-Fi? Check out this info below and/or there are manuals in the filing cabinet.

How To: Connect to Guest WiFi

Inventory and Snacks

If you ever notice we are running low on something, please do not hesitate to reach out and let us know! You can either email Cierra, who is our Inventory Gal.

Volunteer Links

Exceed, Volunteer Portal, and VicTouch/Volgistics are all saved on the favorites bar on Chrome for easier access for you! Please utilize these links during your shift.


NEW- Laundry Sign

Closing up the room and laundry hasn't been claimed yet? Check out this new sign provided for you to post on the door after you close. 

A physical, laminated copy is in the filing cabinet.

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