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St. Louis Children's Hospital 


Today's Date: 

3rd Floor Family Room: 314.454.3512

5th Floor Family Room: 314.454.5321



On Call Schedule:

  • If you need anything at all, please call and do not text314-930-5292

    • Courtney B: November 25 - December 2

    • Makayla: December 3 - 9

5th Floor New Open Hours:

  • Starting Sunday, December 5, the 5th floor RMFR will be expanding their hours (back to normal) of Sunday-Saturday 9am - 9pm! Although we don't have all shifts filled yet, we will be including these shifts needed to be filled on the Open Shifts email! Let us know where you can help out!

RMHC/SLCH Transition:

  • We are less than a month away from the official transition from the 3rd floor SLCH Family Room. I have been in communication with most of you on your next move, but I will reach out to everyone this week (week of 11/29) about your official transition date to the 5th floor.

COVID Boosters

  • If you have received your COVID Booster, we will begin accepting copies of those as well. This is not mandatory at this time, but may be in the future.

Missing Patient/Family Laundry:

  • We've had several reports of family/patient laundry go missing lately. If a family reports to you that their clothes have gone missing please let the Family Room Staff know ASAP. 

Meal Vouchers:

  • Families come to the room Mon-Fri 8a-4p for Meal Vouchers from the Center for Families Staff. If a family comes outside these hours, they will have to call Social Work at 314-454-6101 to retrieve their vouchers outside of these hours. 



Courtney Bradshaw

Family Room Program Coordinator

3rd Floor Family Room

NICU Family Room