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Hello Volunteers!

Please see below for updated washer/dryer protocol:



Ronald McDonald House Family Room washers/dryers are for guest family/patient use only.

Should a St. Louis Children’s Hospital employee come into the Family Room to use the washing machines please:

  • Ask if they are doing a patients laundry.

    • If they are doing a patient’s laundry please request the patient name and enter them into Exceed Beyond like you would for any visitor.

    • If they are NOT doing laundry for a patient, but rather for their department please kindly let them know the amenities in the Family Room are for guest family/patient use only.

No one should have access to the Family Room outside of operating hours. If you hear from a family or staff that someone has been visiting the Family Room outside of operating hours to use the amenities in the Family Room, i.e. washing machine, please notify Family Room Program Manager.

In addition to this, I wanted to let everyone know that the LL laundry room has been closer permanently. The Family Rooms are now the only place in the hospital for families to do laundry. I am continuing to work with the hospital to work on a different solution to this as I know for a hospital this large families rely on 24/7 access to these machines.


I will keep everyone updated on this change and any other changes to come in regards to laundry!

Courtney Fischer


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